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Have your kids think and write about current headlines!

Online Sources for Current Events

Social Studies for Kids
Play Brain Bowl from FunBrain.com
NewsCurrents-subscription/school year only
Time For Kids
Learning With Newsweek
Weekly Reader Feature Zone
National Geographic Kids
FEMA for Kids

Teaching Ideas for Current Events

Write a summary
Pull vocabulary from the article
Write a "What If" story from the article
Outline the article
Write a letter to someone involved in the article
Write an editorial about the issue involved
Make a poster to illustrate a cause or event in the article
Fill a brown paper bag with props having to do with event and have your student describe the event
Make a pros and cons paper about two sides of an issue
Do a role playing game and debate both sides of an issue
Further research the news in the article.

Worksheets from past current events

Before you can vote on a candidate you have to find out how they stand on the issues. Time to compare and contrast our presidential candidates!

Click on the button below to view the pdf worksheet.

The math and science scores of American students are poor compared the rest of the world. Do you think homeschoolers are a part of this study?
Click on the button below to view the pdf worksheet.

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